Afand Shimi Company

The Iranian leader in non-toxic rodent control products

Construction Management

Mouse glue trap

New Innovation for rodent control

Construction Management

Industrial and House hold insecticide

Most advanced way to control crawling insects

Construction Management

Fly sticky trap

Various sticky traps with the most advanced formulation

  • Effective
  • Non toxic
  • High technology
  • Environment friendly

We are working to provide effective, safer pest and rodent control methods.



Twenty years of experience in fighting pests and rodents.

Superior Quality

The most up-to-date formulation of the same level with the world.

The power of competition

The power of competition in superior quality plus the right price.

Exclusive production

Patent Product With Exclusive Formulation.


who we are

Established in the early 1998’s, AFAND SHIMI Co., Inc. has its roots in the formulation and production of specialty adhesives. In 2004, AFAND SHIMI introduced the Nabard® brand and began to focus on developing adhesives for pest management applications AFAND SHIMI is now a well-established industry leader and has consistently produced new and innovative pest management solutions.

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